Cody Steele

Midwest boy Codey Steele may look like he just stepped off the farm, but in fact this fun-loving guy next door has been starring in porn with some of the biggest names in the business since 2015. This cornfed hunk is 100% Grade A American male, with muscles honed by lots of sweating both at play and in the gym, and a big cock that was made for satisfying sexy babes. From sunup to sundown, Codey is hard at work giving his all on camera, harvesting tons of orgasms from some of the hottest women on the planet. When Codey is the one in the driver's seat, it's always a bumper crop! Starlets love working with this blue-eyed cutie because he's playful and sweet on set. Most importantly, though, Codey's sexual technique is the highest quality: as you might expect, this guy knows a thing or two about how to plow!

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